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[Codex] - Euzhviled Demon Host

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[Codex] - Euzhviled Demon Host Empty [Codex] - Euzhviled Demon Host

Message  Grim le Mar 13 Avr - 16:32

Joueur - Roger
Leader - Glurg the Bulbeous

Table Codex

1- Listen the Evil.
Once during the game, the demon player can choose 1 ennemy unit, and will cancel any action it was about to make. (moving, shooting or charging)
Cannot affect ennemy HQ or vehicules.

2- See the Evil.
Once per game, Glurg will look even more ugly and smelly than he already do, forcing an ennemy infantry squad to move 2d6 inches directly away from him, during the demon player turn.
A squad exiting the table is considered lost for the match, but does not count toward annihilation goals.

3- Speak the Evil.
Glurg 's demon voice can be heard everywhere on the battlefield, disturbing his ennemy. As long as Glurg is alive and on the field, all ennemy infantry models lose 1 point of Leadership.
HQ's are not affected.

4- The Bigger the Better.
Glurg gains +1 WS, +1 S and +1 T while fighting in close combat versus another monstrous creature.

5- BOO ! HA HA HA !!
For this match, Glurg will be held in reserve, even if the scenario does not allow it. He will enter play at the beginning of any turn, choosed by the demon player.
The demon player select one of his model already on the table, and kills it, instantly spawning Glurg in its place.
This will work even if the demons are already engaged in close combat.

6- Summoning Circles.
A summoning circle, the size of a monstrous creature base, is placed by the demon player after both players deployments have been made, anywhere on the table but more than 12 inches from an ennemy unit.
During the game, any demons unit entering play can choose to deepstrike at the summoning circle instead.
They do not scatter. All models must be placed inside a 6 inches radius from the summoning circle edges.
Units using the summoning circle can charge the turn they arrive.


HQ -

Glurg the Bulbeous - Greater demon of Nurgle 500 pts

6 0 6 6 5 2 4 10 3+ ward save

Feel no pain
Eternal Warrior
Slow and purposeful
Noxius touch - poison attack 2+
Cloud of flies
Chaos trinkets

Disgusting Bulbeous Vomit
A vomit attack which used in the shooting phase with the following profile :
Str. 3 AP 3 Heavy 1* No cover Apocalypse size flamer template
* Even though Glurg is a monstrous creature, he cannot move and vomit in the same turn.
Glurg will not be allowed to charge in the same turn he vomited.

Horribly wrong looking demonic lunch of Glurg
After moving, if Glurg ends up in base to base contact with any of his own army infantry model,
he may forbid his next shooting phase and assault phase in order to eat.
Roll 1d6. The number rolled is the number of models in the squad that dies, eaten by Glurg.
Glurg regains 1 wound if 1 to 3 models dies, and 2 wounds if 4 to 6 models dies.
The squad being eaten up by Glurg cannot shoot or assault in that turn.

* * *

The Mighty Carnage - Greater demon of Khorne 500 pts

10 4 10 6 4 5 6 10 4+ ward save

Benediction of the Blood God 2+ ignore psychic
Demon wings

The Mighty Charge
Everytime Carnage is charging an ennemy, the charged unit suffer 1d6* impact hits with
the following profile : Str. 6 AP 3
* Carnage never, ever gets any attack bonus when he is charging. He will always attack
with his profile attack value, cannot be lowered or augmented in any way by anything.

Barbed Whip of Khorne
During the shooting phase, Carnage can choose to forbid his next assault phase by using
his whip. Target an ennemy infantry squad that is at 12 inches maximum range and roll to hit.
If Carnage makes the hit, the targeted squad automatically moves in base to base contact with
the demon. Note that the Mighty Charge rule will not apply if Carnage is using the whip.

My Hatred is Endless
Everytime Carnage wins an assault phase with a total annihilation of his ennemy, including
a total destruction for winning the initiative test after his target is fleeing, Carnage regains
1 wound, up to his maximum.

Khorne does not forgive Weaklings
Each time an assault phase including Carnage ends, wether in his turn or his ennemy's turn,
that he is still stuck in with his prey, Khorne gets pissed at his champion for not dispatching
the worms fast enough. The following will happen :
The demon player must roll a D6. This is the number of ward saves Carnage must make.
If any saves is failed, Carnage will lose 1 wound. Carnage cannot lose more than 1 wound,
however much saves he failed.

* * *

Army Special Rule -
Both Glurg and Carnage totally hates each other, and are forced into an uneasy truce.
When both are on the field, neither can end up at 6 inches or less from each other.
If this happens, whatever the reason, the current turn must be stopped right there, and both demons moves up to 3 inches,
in order to be in base to base contact.
The demon player will roll for Glurg, and his opponent will roll for Carnage.
Both demons must fight one full round of close combat, before being both retired from the field and put back in reserve.
They will come back on the table using the normal reserve rule and deepstrike rule.

Ennemies of the Imperium hear me ! You have come here to die !
The Immortal Emperor is with us and We are invincible !
His soldiers, will strike you down !
His warmachines will crush you under their treads !
His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you !
You Cannot Win !

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