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[Codex] - Goffgutz Tribe

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[Codex] - Goffgutz Tribe Empty [Codex] - Goffgutz Tribe

Message  Grim le Mar 13 Avr - 22:13

Joueur - Antoine
Leader - Bigboss Frakkoff

Codex Table

1- Waaagh!
As long as Frakkoff is still alive and on the field, he may call up 1 more Waaagh!

2- Wuts dat red flashy thing ?
Before both players deployment, the ork player may choose one of his vehicle. After all deployment, but before the first turn, that vehicle will move up to 6 inches, in any direction.

3- Iz too big to be beat !
The first time Frakkoff dies, he will stay on the field with 1 wound left.

4- Youz boyz charge 'em now !
The ork player play first.

5- Supa boostin' bigger armour chargin' thingy !
Frakkoff mega-armour is not slow-and-purposeful anymore.

6- Green iz best !
Frakkoff entire HQ now gains a 6+ ward save, unless they already have a better one.


Antoine, poste ta liste HQ complete ici svp.

Ennemies of the Imperium hear me ! You have come here to die !
The Immortal Emperor is with us and We are invincible !
His soldiers, will strike you down !
His warmachines will crush you under their treads !
His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you !
You Cannot Win !

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