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[Codex] - The Plague Disciples

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[Codex] - The Plague Disciples Empty [Codex] - The Plague Disciples

Message  Grim le Lun 12 Avr - 22:20

Joueur - Antonin
Leader - Oberon the Overfiend

Table Codex
1- Once during the game, Oberon will vomit on his ennemy instead of shooting. *Vomit - Assault 1, template, Str 2, AP 2.

2- Cloud of warp pestillence. Once during the game, a squad will disapear in an explosion of flies, smoke and disease. Chaos player choose one squad, and take them out the field, leaving one model in place. Roll a dice for every models taken off the field. Every roll of 1 will kill one model, choosed by the chaos player. The survivors will re-enter the field in deepstrike in their next turn. The single model of the squad left on the field will be the one sacrificed to Nurgle, detonating in an explosion of smelling pus and guts. Center the large blast on him. Every ennemy model touched will suffer a hit with a Str 5, AP 6 profile.

3- Plague Protectors. Oberon, or any other character, is given at no point cost, 2 demons bodyguards with the following profile :

4- Trail of Plague. The entire army becomes 'Slow and Purposefull'.

5- Rotting Metal. Everything that has an armor value lose 1 point on all side, but are immuned to all damage of 1, 2 and 3 on the vehicule damage table.

6- Flesh of the Unliving. Every model in the army roll a dice when they die. On a roll of 6, they come back with 1 Wound. Dices must be rolled for each model individually.


Antonin, me faut la liste exact de ton HQ. Post la ici.

Ennemies of the Imperium hear me ! You have come here to die !
The Immortal Emperor is with us and We are invincible !
His soldiers, will strike you down !
His warmachines will crush you under their treads !
His mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you !
You Cannot Win !

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[Codex] - The Plague Disciples Empty Re: [Codex] - The Plague Disciples

Message  Antonin le Jeu 15 Avr - 16:54

merci beacoup!

voici ma liste
Nurgle HQ

Oberon the overfiend.
Chaos lord (90), terminator armour (30), deamon weapon (25), combi-weapon (5), personnal icon (5) : 155 pts
Umbriel the foul
Terminator champion (40), Combi weapon (5), chain fist (15) : 60 pts
Trinculo the twisted
Terminator champion (40), Combi weapon (5), chain fist (15) : 60 pts
Setebos the furious
Terminator champion (40), Heavy flammer (5), power weapon : 45 pts
Sycoraxthe eternal
Combi weapon, power weapon : 45 pts

Uranos :chaos landraider (220)
Dozer blade (5), deamonic possession (20), dirge caster (5), havoc launcher (15)

total: 265 + 265 = 530

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