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Message  Wrath of the Emperor le Mer 16 Fév - 13:39

Lucharius Benetek, Navigator

Life as always been easy for Lucharius. He had the navigator gene, and that made him a privileged member of the imperium. In addition, his family was one of the most influential navigator guild of the sector. What more could he ask for? His life was planned from birth. He would be a Navigator for one of Maccrage’s battlefleet. He would be respected, honored, and why not, feared a little. That was his birthright, his due. He would spend his life surrounded by wealth in the command quarters of a flagship. Life was good. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

When he entered the Navis Scholae, things were getting better and better. Everything was so easy. Nothing was much of a challenge for him. He saw people struggling on tests he barely had to think about. He was the best his scholae had seen for 10 generations. His ego was getting bigger and bigger as time passed, and he started the get more and more ambitious. Leading a fleet was for the small Navigators. He deserved to be, and would be, a lot more. Lucharius Benetek, head of house Benetek. Wait, why stay as low as his house? Lucharius Benetek, personnal Navigator of Marneus Calgar. Hell yeah, that would be cool. Why not higher? There had to be something better than that. Figuring it would be the hard part, as getting there would be easy with his skills.

At home, he was getting praised by everyone. Everyone saw him for the genius he was, how bright he would shine in the future. Everyone except his arrogant cousin named Varro. He was always mocking him for his black eyes or playing jokes on him because of his higher athletic qualities. Who the hell did he think he was? He had a pretty face, but that was it. A nice mug was nothing compared to what he was, and who he would be. Soon enough, he would show him his place. When he learned that Varro enrolled into the Guard, he was pretty happy. Good riddance. Hopefully something bad would happen to him. Nothing too bad, he didn’t wish him death, but enough to cripple him so HE would be the one laughing and joking about 1 legged Varro, or something like that.

He spent the first half of his school years breezing through tests, but after that, he was getting bored. Could this place provide no challenge? He was getting arrogant with his teachers, arguing with them. He knew more than those old geezers after all. He was the genius, not them. The seniors were not really fond of that, and he was getting punished more and more. At one point, his family had to intervene to avoid him getting thrown out. House Benetek could not tolerate this insult to their honor, but Lucharius was properly and thoroughly scolded. Even his family was against him! Could they not see that he was the victim of jealous old men with barely a tenth of his talent? He would all get them later, when he would be more powerful than they could imagine. At this point, he was in a constant furious mood. To help calm himself, he started smoking iho-sticks. Things seemed less important. Arguing with those teachers was useless, and now their non-sense didn’t bother him anymore. Life was good again. His test results were dropping, but no one asked questions. Lucharius was now under control and no longer causing problems, no need to stir the bee’s nest.

He eventually graduated from the Scholae Navis, with an average score. At last he was free to show the whole world what he was worth. He expected to be appointed as the Navigator of the next battleship to leave Maccrage. When this time came, someone else was appointed. Good, that ship was way to small for him anyway. Then another went without him. Then another. Then another. He was raging. His family was keeping him aside. Iho-sticks were not enough to calm himself anymore, so he made the jump to Obscura. After that, he didn’t care anymore. Life was good, no matter what happened. His family tried to straighten him up, but nothing worked. They even asked for help from the ecclesiarchy, who sent a priest for some spiritual guidance. It was a big guy, with scars telling of some violent past. During a particularly heated debate, Lucharius saw something in that priest that scared him, even through his obscura clouded apathy. Ever since, he just listens calmly to the priest, not wishing to anger him ever again.

He gave up on being a Navigator. He would stay home and get smashed for the rest of his life. However, his family decided otherwise. They decided to send him on it as a rogue trader’s ship. That way, he would not get into trouble with the officials, and if he did, well he was on his own. That sounded good, he would be free of this oppressive family, and would be able to forge his destiny as he was meant to be. His happiness was crushed when he learned the name of the rogue trader that would accompany him. Varro Vargo! His stupid cousin! He got back from his deployment in relatively good shape (not as maimed but he would have liked, but at least he could call him ‘Grinning Varro’ now), and would now be his boss aboard the ship. Also, Varro was even worst now. If he was arrogant before, now his head wouldn’t fit into the Eye of Terror. He walked as if he was always on a parade ground, with a stick up his butt, and was always talking about his time in the Guard how he braved death. Lucharius tried everything he could think of to avoid boarding that ship, but the decision was made. To make things worse, that crazy priest was coming with him!

Lucharius only had 1 goal now. Show his family that he was very skilled, despite his addiction, so they assign him to an official ship, or at least anywhere but on Grinning Varro’s ship!

Fiche de personnage

WS 25
BS 45
S 25
T 40
A 36
I 50
P 42
W 40
F 30

Skills: Common Lore (Navis Nobilite), Forbidden Lore (Navigators, Warp), Literacy, Navigation (Stellar, Warp), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Speak Language (High/Low Gothic) Forbidden lore ( Mutant )

Talents: Navigator, Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Decadence, Dark soul, Resistance (Fear), Peer (Nobility, Underworld)

Gear: Best-craftsmanship Hellpistol, Best-craftsmanship Metal staff, Best-craftsmanship xeno-mesh armor, Emperor’s tarot deck, silk headscarf, Nobilites robes, charm, micro-bead

Special : (See p24)
Etiquette, Vendetta, Profit factor +1

Corruption 1d5
Insanity : 2D5+1
Wounds : 13

Navigator Lineage : Magistral house
Mutation : Eyes as Dark as The Void
Navigator power : The Lidless Stare, Tracks in the Stars.

PS : Je vois dans le livre qu'on a 500 XP, mais Tarkand en a mis 1000. Combien j'en ai? J'ai rien augmenté pour l'instant.
Wrath of the Emperor
Wrath of the Emperor

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Lucharius Benetek, Navigator Empty Re: Lucharius Benetek, Navigator

Message  MARC C le Jeu 17 Fév - 19:40

Excellent ! Très belle amalgame avec le background de Varro.

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